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The food Chronicles

I've learnt that the body has a way of adjusting the inflow and outflow of calories. When an already established eating pattern (especially one that is quite balanced for you) changes, the body wouldn't be able to adjust readily to the new pattern because it now has to deal with a larger portion of food. 

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How to overcome self-doubt

Well, over time I unconsciously started projecting my insecurities. I would rather decline an offer even before hearing it. I wasn't intentional about self growth not to talk of healing. My anxiety kept creeping. I was a total shadow of myself. 

Diet soda vrs Regular soda

First and foremost, it's important to understand that not everything you see on the pack of a commercial product is true. That beverage advertised as 100% natural probably has a lot more synthetic ingredients in it than you can imagine!

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Life skills everyone needs

Ever come across write-ups with headings like: "things I wish I knew in my 20s" or "skills I would definitely acquire if I were to relive my life"?

I have come across quite a lot of them in blogs, websites and on Quora. I've also noticed that a couple of them say the same things in just slightly different ways.  

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Body shaming- My experience

If you've been on this boat, then I'm sure you're familiar with the terrible feelings that come with it. Sometimes, some words stay forever, to rear it's ugly head anytime you try to raise your chin and stand tall with all confidence.

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Coffee or Tea

Coffee and tea are one of the most common beverages in the world. Widely consumed by all and sundry in different forms. Enjoyed by some as a casual drink and by others as a form of detox.

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