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Best way to kick-start your day

  I've heard this a million times that the best way to kick-start your day is by starting it the day before... I know that's not your regular thesis, but I've practiced it for a while and it works for me.
It' might also probably be a cultured habit for a whole lot of you as well.
Creating a good bedtime routine doesn't mean ending your day thinking about everything that went wrong.
No, far from it. It entails creating the habit of gratitude; being grateful and highlighting your accomplishments for the day, while also taking note of areas where improvements should be seen.
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the food chronicles


I can guess that at different moments in our lives, we have all overeaten and I can gladly blame it on the taste of the food or stress.

Whatever the case, everyone is guilty of this.

I've learnt that the body has a way of adjusting the inflow and outflow of calories. When an already established eating pattern (especially one that is quite balanced for you) changes, the body wouldn't be able to adjust readily to the new pattern because it now has to deal with a larger portion of food. 

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Life skills everyone nEEDS


Ever come across write-ups with headings like: "things I wish I knew in my 20s" or "skills I would definitely acquire if I were to relive my life"?

I have come across quite a lot of them in blogs, websites and on Quora. I've also noticed that a couple of them say the same things in just slightly different ways.  

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overcoming seLF-doubt


Well, over time I unconsciously started projecting my insecurities. I would rather decline an offer even before hearing it. I wasn't intentional about self growth not to talk of healing. My anxiety kept creeping. I was a total shadow of myself. Obviously, I know a lot of you can relate to this story, except if, of course, you're the smart one here. Even at that, we as humans are created to subconsciously identify our weak spots and that of others and sometimes even project it.

When self doubt starts to interfere with your dreams, lots of potentials tail off. You start over scrutinizing everything. When this happens, the mind is usually active but not for ideas.

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healthy hair

The human body is very unique, it works like a computer system.

It only gives output based on the input of the system. To get any result, you have to first input the right diet. 

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managing gluten allergy

Ever wondered if you were gluten intolerant? Do you even know about it or should I keep minding my business? 

Well, Gluten is a type of protein found in most grains like wheat, barley, rye and spelt. When flour made from grinding these grains is mixed with water the two proteins(gliadin and glutenin) combine to form gluten. Gluten cannot be formed without water. 

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diet soda/ regular soda

First and foremost, it's important to understand that not everything you see on the pack of a commercial product is true. That beverage advertised as 100% natural probably has a lot more synthetic ingredients in it than you can imagine!

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About Me

About Me

A little  bit of info!


nutrition /lifestyle

Glory Chy

nutrition and lifestyle blogger


I am Glory, I am a nutritionist and I am Nigerian. 

I am an open-minded person with an avid thirst for knowledge and a desire to share such knowledge.

I've also realised that the world needs a better approach towards healthy lifestyle; that's why i have created this platform to give you factual, interesting and must-know tips to living a longer, healthier and happier life. 

I would post on everything nutrition and lifestyle with a spice of personal perceptions.

I am an earth lover and super passionate about what I eat. 

There are only two ways to live your life. One is as though nothing is a miracle. The other is as though everything is a miracle.

                                             -Albert Einstein

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dee belle

Life's essence can be measured by the quality of food consumed, and the ways we choose to interact with these chemical compounds. Glorychy not only gives you value for your time, she ensures an entertaining read too. I always look forward to the fun fact section. Overall, excitement is an understatement whenever the "new post" notification pops up.

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tessy naize

Being a fun lover, i mostly enjoy the juicy fun facts at the end of each post, that keeps me coming back for more. Glorychy gives a taste of fun and reliable  information about nutrition , health and lifestyle; which is a great mix for me. Personally, i think this blog stands out among others.

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cherrylyn bloom

This blog is amazing for someone like me because it provides spot on, easy to access answers to my random nutrition questions. I also think it has great lifestyle and self-motivating posts. But my absolute favourite part is the fun facts. They blow my mind Every. Single. Time!

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