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The Food Chronicles: Plot twist

 The Food Chronicles: Plot twist Now that you've seen instances where we overeat and it's possible effects. Today, I'll be sharing tips on how to prevent overeating and what you can do when you find yourself in such situation.

The first step to preventing overeating is  avoiding distractions; it may be in form of eating while using your mobile phone or computer system or even staying up to date with your favourite TV shows. What happens is that you get so engrossed in it that you basically lose track of the amount of food you're supposed to eat. 

Another major point is food portioning. This has been a very solid help over the years as it trains you and your body to know the particular size of food that is okay for you.  I read an article some months ago about the necessity to avoid your favourite meals simply because they are high in calories; according to the article, you had to avoid these foods in order to stay healthy and blah blah blah. From the researches i have conducted however, I would say that it's advisable not to completely truncate your favourite meals because you were told they aren't healthy. 

Now there's something called meal planning and for every individual a meal plan is personalised because it include meals that you're accustomed to and that your body is used to. So scrapping your favourite meal because you feel that it will add extra unwanted calories is simply not necessary.  

In this case, you need to find a way to work around what you've already got. That's why you have experts in the field (like me!) to help and guide you. It's important, also, to balance your blood sugar level through limiting alcohol intake; this is because having drinks especially at a go can increase your hunger level and when this happens you tend to overeat. You don't mind what you eat you just want something in your system to keep you going. 

More reasons why people who take a lot of alcohol have protruding stomachs.  

Yet another point is: eating regular meals. This means that you don't skip breakfast, lunch or dinner. I was guilty of this at some point because I kept trying to stay fit and I thought that if I skipped breakfast, I would get it done faster. Although this shouldn't be totally scrapped because there's something called intermittent fasting and I've seen it work. I've actually practiced it as well. In as much as we want to get results, it is advisable not to skip any meal. (You should expand more on why we should not skip meals, it mustn't be some long story) 

More so, having a food journal is very important. I personally started this only recently because I realized, as a nutritionist, how immensely beneficial it was. So, I started to keep note of the food I eat and my body's reactions to them as well. You can do this using a small diary or a text editor on your phone.  

Finally, there is absolutely nothing wrong in seeking help.  A lot of people try to be frugal and have placed priorities on doing everything themselves, even when it's health related and you don't have prior knowledge on what you're trying to achieve. When you have a problem, no matter how little it is, you should seek help because no man is an island. 

We need each-other to survive.  When you've found yourself overeating or experiencing health problems as a result of it, the best thing to do is to seek professional help because a lot of things have been altered and you need to get your body back to normal by placing it on the an approved diet with the right portions. 

Sometimes therapy might be recommended as well. this way, you'll receive help from experts

Fun fact:

☞Pineapple works as a natural meat tenderizer. The fruit is packed with the enzyme bromelain, which breaks down protein chains, making it an ideal marinade for meats when you don't have a lot of time.

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