Growing healthy hair with the right diet
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Growing healthy hair with the right diet

Hello Fineapples, How're you all doing? Welcome to the wonderful month of November!

In this post, I'll be sharing hair tips from my recent research. For the records, I'm a happy naturalist.

The first and most important tip is
- eating right:
I know you might be wondering how this is related to growing your hair?? Well let me remind you, the human body is like a computer system which works in the garbage-in garbage-out way. It only gives output based on the input of the system. To get any result, you have to first input the right diet. 

The underlisted food types are best for hair growth includes:
- eggs - berries - avocado - seeds: flaxseed, chiaseed - nuts - spinach - oyster - sweet potato - sweet pepper - beans - shrimps - meat - soybeans

These group of foods listed above provide the body with the right protein, zinc, vitamins, essential fatty acids, selenium (an essential trace element) making the hair follicles strong, healthy and reducing hair loss to the barest minimum.


The second tip is
- understanding your hair type and knowing how to have it cosseted: 
After experiencing major hair loss in 2018, I searched for remedies to my problem, I read a lot of articles suggesting even medical solutions. By then, my hair was "chemically treated". 

It was really frustrating cause I couldn't get the volume I wanted. I decided to go for the big chop... I know right?? I just had to... I also changed my wash day routine, started moisturising and I can tell you, it's been smiles all the way.

The third tip is using more natural products: 
Integrating the use of more natural products for shampooing and conditioning is the best because organic hair care products are more effective and provide more benefits. They are safe and easily absorbed into the scalp. Moreover, you're also helping to reduce the amount of chemical wastes released into our environment 😉😉 

The final tip is promoting a good hair culture: 
This encompasses putting into practice the above mentioned tips. Most importantly developing a routine that not only suits you but is also easy to follow and maintain. 

Aside all these, there are certain things to take note of when it comes to hair care. 
- it's not advisable to wash your hair too often as it rids the hair of it's natural oil produced in the gland, exposing the hair follicles to breakage.
- always wash with lukewarm water. 
- wash off all shampoo residues. 
- just as our skin need protection from the sun( sunscreens) our hair also need protection from heat styling. 
- always keep your hair hydrated.

Fun fact: 
The hair is the second fastest growing tissue in the body after the bone marrow.

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