does food affect menstrual cramps

Does food affect menstrual cramps?

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Growing up as a girl, I felt that I was not duly educated on a lot of things pertaining womanhood; especially in the aspects of MENSTRUATION, funny but true. I picked up on random knowledge about the journey through womanhood from parents, friends, strangers, the internet and random educational talk shows.

Of course not everybody feels pain during their period and there are basically different reasons why you would experience pains during that time of the month, but it is important that we aren't misinformed about it because, honestly, we could really do with more info and less pain, right?

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Should a slim person workout?

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Before anything else, I would like to assure you that having a slim physique doesn't mean you are not healthy. For some people it's genetic. That's the way they were made and no matter how much they try, they can't gain or retain weight. It is only considered an issue when the person is under weight. To understand this concept you can check your body mass index.

Although, exercising is majorly advised as a convenient option for fat people to lose weight. Nonetheless, even if you have the most active metabolic rate, it is recommended that you have a form of activity that keeps you going. Exercising isn't just done to lose weight, It helps you build strength and keeps one fit.

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Should slim people workout
Meal planning

Why is meal planning important?

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As complicated a term as it may seem to be, meal planning is really just the simple act of taking out time to organize our meals for a specific time (let's say a week). It includes planning snacks, breakfast, lunch as well as dinner.

It's quite the effective way to implement healthy meals into your dieting by efficiently utilizing food ingredients, saving money which might be spent on restaurants (you'll definitely be working with a budget as well as available time) and being creative by trying out different food combinations.

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I can go on and on and on about things that went wrong this year, but enough with the precarious situations.

This year rocked our world by the FOUNDATIONS; and thankfully we are about to say goodbye to it. So why not leave this year with style by indulging yourself with easy to prepare, homemade delicacies!

In this post, I'll be sharing 10 fun food ideas to enjoy this Christmas holiday.

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10 fun Christmas Nigerian food ideas

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